A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Is A Comprehensive Assessment

To determine if an injured worker is able to perform the critical tasks of a predetermined job.


This Assessment Is Also Utilized As A Means To Test For Baseline Abilities

Prior to formal planning or as a determiner of a patient’s ability to work “any occupation.”

The “any occupation” assessments are more commonly used in long- or short-term disability cases.

An FCE Provides Information On A Client’s Engagement In The Process

By assessing effort, consistency, and reliability of pain and disability reports.

This conversation can provide robust information related to physical limitations and disabilities, appropriate next steps in treatment, and a snapshot of performance for further adjudication.

The Duration Of This Evaluation Is Approximately 4-6 Hours

This highly specialized evaluation tool is ultimately designed to assist all practitioners involved in the care of each injured worker to streamline care.

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