A CHT is a specialized rehabilitative care provider

with advanced certification who has developed expert skills through years of advanced study and experience.  CHTs specialize in treating individuals with conditions affecting the entire upper extremity and can evaluate and treat any problem related to the upper extremity.

CHTs are effective in guiding patients through post-operative rehabilitation, providing conservative treatment for occupation-based conditions, educating clients on preventative and self-management techniques and assisting many of your other care providers through consultation.  


CHT’s are experienced in providing:

  • Accurate and detailed assessments
  • Patient education with insightful details on your condition and the recovery process
  • Treatment regiments that are specialized and focused on your specific condition
  • Utilizing functional outcome measures to hone in on deficits and foster effective return to work timelines
  • Provide detailed home programs and self-management techniques to their patients to ensure the opportunity to return to a productive lifestyle  

The Importance of Hands: 

Our hands are our primary means to interact with the environment to sustain life and manipulate it for our betterment as individuals and society.  Every day we rely on our hands to navigate life, here are just a few examples.  

We use our hands to interact with the world:  Social media, searching the web, texting We rely on our hands to take care of our loved ones: Changing your newborn's diaper. Cooking a meal for the family

We manipulate our environment with our hands: Construction workers and factory workers producing the needs of tomorrow

We create with our hands:  Artists sculpting or painting works for individual and/or societal appreciation that often brings a sense of joy or fulfillment to our lives.

We communicate with our hands: Sign language for both hearing impaired and through casual conversation

We keep our selves healthy primarily through our hands: Showering, personal hygiene/grooming